Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Stages of Seduction: Those Innocent Touches

            Today I continue with my Stages of Seduction Series. I’ve already covered visual attraction. Now we move on to touch.
Initially, I had thought it would be easy to define and describe the sensual, seductive touch, but as I ponder it, I find that putting it into words isn’t as simple as one might have thought. We aren’t all moved by the same things, and what is an obvious attempt at seduction for some is less obvious for others and there is always that gray area in between.
For the purpose of this post, I’m not talking about touching during lovemaking, but rather the kind of touching that leads us there, the caresses that over time bring two people together intimately. I’m talking touch between people who just met, strangers, friends, or lovers.

This is a visual post. Take off your filters, read and visualize the scenarios I’m about to portray. Picture this happening to YOU. Think about how it makes you feel. This isn’t about the brain; it is about the body and the heart and sometimes, if we are lucky, the soul.

Start by thinking back to your high school dating days. (Try not to focus on how many years ago it was.) Remember going on that first date, how tentative you were, how unsure of how things were going. Then, as you walked along, he took your hand and held it in his. Can you feel the thrill you felt knowing that you were wanted, that you were special? Remember that deep down tingle that went zinging through you at the feel of his calloused palm on yours. That’s the kind of touching I am talking about.
            I’m thinking of the subtle touching that is almost a prelude to foreplay, yet is part of it. The soft brush of finger tips as you pass him a drink. Or that moment when you shake a man’s hand and he holds yours just a moment too long or traces his fingers across your palm as your hands separate. Or, hugging a dear friend and his hand trails slowly down your arm to grip your hand briefly before falling away.
            Picture a gentle, teasing tug on your hair or the soft caress of his fingers brushing your cheek as he tucks a stray lock of hair behind your ear.
Remember the whisper soft touch of a foot under the table at the restaurant, or the ‘accidental’ brushing of shoulders or thighs before pulling away only to return a moment later.
            What about that time you hugged him in greeting and thought maybe, just maybe, his lips brushed across your ear? Or maybe that moment when he stepped in to join the group’s conversation; did his hand just brush lightly across your backside? Was that a squeeze? Or did you just imagine his touch and the thrill that came with it?           

            These are the kinds of touches that start the slow fires of arousal burning. The best part is that this fire is slow to die. Each touch is sensual, erotic and arousing on its own, but added together, even days or weeks apart they fan the fire until it is a raging inferno of desire that threatens to consume us unless we act on it. These touches are the earliest stages of foreplay. They are the touches that say “I want you, I need you. Where will this take us?” Sometimes they are part of that special flirting that goes on between people attracted to each other who dare not take it any further, when it is enough to know that you share something special. 

Here’s hoping you’ve got some touching and hugging in your life.


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