Friday, 29 June 2012

How Do I Plot? Let Me Count The Ways

I have decided to try my hand at recycling today. Okay, in truth I am rehashing an old post. Recently I did a guest spot on Ute Carbone's blog. For a change, I put a fair amount of thought and effort into the post instead of flying by the seat of my pants. (A writing style I excel at.) I rather liked the post and have decided to recyle it here.

It wasn't that long ago that I learned that there are two types of writers. Personally, I’ve always found the names for them quite funny. I mean, how can you not laugh at the terms plotter and pantser? When I hear plotter, I think grave yards and creepy old dudes with shoves. Pantser? I picture someone dancing with their pants around their ankles, and it ain’t pretty.

Seriously, plotters are those writers who plan their stories from start to finish with all the details, story lines, events and characters in place before they put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. They even make notes! On the other hand, pantsers are those writers who begin with an idea or character and start writing, flying by the seat of their pants, making it up as they go along.

Being the difficult person I am, as a writer, I am a hybrid. I am fuelled by licorice allsorts and coffee or alternately by Vodka and Pepsi, depending on the time of day. Oh wait, that’s not what I meant. What I should have said, is that I’m part plotter, and part pantser. I start with a scene in my head and maybe part of a plot. Then I wiggle it around until I have a storyline going. Then the fun begins, and I start writing. I add details of the characters’ lives, descriptions and conflicts as they come to me.

On a good day, I can follow the characters where they lead me and writing is okay. On bad days, I scribble and scratch down words only to delete them ten minutes later. This is the flying by the seat of my pants part. I keep working and playing, hoping that my characters will lead me someplace worth going. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Often, they lead me to some place entirely different from where I was originally headed.

Last week, Jason kept talking to me. Now, you have to understand that Jason isn’t a real person. He’s is, or rather was, a character in my current erotic story. (Working title Tessa’s Trio.) Jason kept telling me to change his name. His nagging voice grated on my nerves and irritated me every time he appeared in the story. Eventually, I gave in to the madness and changed his name. Thus, Mitch was born. Jason is gone, and so are the voices. That’s good, right?

In the spirit of making it up as I go along, I’ve been known to steal ideas where ever I find them. On occasion, I pick up an idea from watching other people and can be found eavesdropping almost anywhere. Many ideas come to me in dreams. Yesterday, I woke up thinking of one of my many works in progress and words popped into my head out of nowhere. I scratched them down as quickly as possible. I thought what came to me wasn’t bad . . .

Peter crossed the room, a slow smile lighting his face. Stopping before Beth, he cupped her cheek in his hand, leaned down and kissed her softly. “Hi,” he whispered, his eyes sparkling with happiness. “It’s good to see you. I’ve missed you.” He leaned in again, kissed her senseless and walked away, leaving her staring at his retreating back, listening to her heart pound.


Beth watched him from across the room. Sweat glistened on the back of his neck. The game was tied, and both teams were exhausted, but she had lost interest in the game. All she could see was the sweat beading on Peter’s skin. She could almost smell its enticing masculine aroma from here. She licked her dry lips, closed her eyes and lost herself in the image of licking the sweat from his skin.

So now, I have two paragraphs, and in my mind each has fleshed out to a complete scene. I’m just hoping I can write them so they read as steamy on paper as they do in my mind. As a bonus, each will actually advance the romantic plot! Again, this is the pantser part. The story started with a great opening scene between two people forbidden by circumstances to be together. I had no idea where to go from there. But over time, their lives have changed and Peter and Beth have fumbled their way into a relationship and what might be a lasting love. All I have to do know is invent the ending.

So I’m off now, to plot or maybe to fly by the seat of my pants. Have a good one!


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Who the Heck Reads Blogs Anyway?

I've been thinking a lot lately. Yeah, I know, that's a dangerous way to pass the time. Ideally, I like to walk while I think. If I can't walk, I sit and think, often in the bathtub. Usually I'm able to solve my problems or at least get a new perspective on them. There's nothing like walking in the rain to put a change how you see things. On a really good day, I can muddle through the confusion in my mind. Occassionally, I come up with a new bit for the story I'm working on. On a better day, I get an idea for a new story.

What I've been wondering about lately is who actually reads blogs. This all started with Twitter. I have 530 followers (a fact that totally astounds me.) I was going through the list and discovered that most of those followers are writers, editors, publishers, bloggers or social media 'experts.' I've learned a lot about writing and the publishing game from these people, but I'm not sure they're my target audience. The self-promotition gurus claim that you have to get your name out there, and that social media is the way to do that. But is it really getting your name out there if there are no readers following you. Granted, all those people ARE readers, but they all have an agenda. Yes, I am aware of the irony of that statement. But are Twitter and Facebook really places to connect with readers? Some days I have my doubts.

So I am going to take an informal poll here. If you have time, please leave a comment below telling me what you like to read and how you found me and what you do for a living (just because I am nosy.) If you have a blog, let me know so I can snoop into your life.

Me, I'm a writer and a quilter; I love romance (of any heat level), erotica and sci-fi/fantasy (Think Heinlein and Anne McCaffrey). But as a rule, I will read dang near anything. As for the blogs...I tend to hit those by the authors I love, social media and writing blogs, quilting blogs, and blogs of people I knew in high school. My tastes are eclectic. (I think reading blogs appeals to the voyeur in me.)

Thanks for the input.


Monday, 25 June 2012

Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop: Winner

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by during the blog hop. I hope that those of you who picked up your free copy of Corralling the Cowboy find time to enjoy it. I don't know about the rest of you, but I sure found some exciting new reads and fabulous authors to follow. My to-be-read pile is growing by leaps and bounds. It makes me wish I could spend all my time reading instead of writing, but then there would be no more Katie Oh stories for you to read and my head would explode from the back-pressure of unwritten ideas.

This morning, I fired up the old random number generator. (AKA my husband.) He chose a number to be our winner of the $10 Amazon gift card. And the winner is ...  the brunette librarian. I will be shooting you an email with details.

At the time of this post, Skye Warren has not yet posted the winners of the grand prizes. Don't forget to stop by her blog to see if you won.

Swing by again when you have time ... there is always something weird going on in the world of Katie O'Connor.


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop

Steamy Hot Reads from Katie Oh to You

Welcome to the Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop!
June 20-24, 2012
This is your chance to find some exciting summer reading material, discover some new authors and win some fabulous prizes. We've got a gift basket with over 40 digital books, and an online gift certificate for an adult store as well as a $10 Amazon gift card as the prize I am giving away.
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Grand Prize Book Collection
Over 40 digital books!

I don’t know about you, but hot summer nights make me think of being outside with my adorable, studly husband, whom I love. I’ve been with him for a long time, and summer still makes us think of steaming hot sex in the great outdoors.

We grew up in a small town in northern Alberta that was smack dab in the middle of the bush. We’re talking heavily treed, almost impenetrable forest. Thank heaven for the oil patch and lease roads. Those well-sites provided privacy and a great place to explore our burgeoning sexuality. Damn I miss those days! Sex in the truck, sex on the truck, sex on a blanket near the truck, and even propped up against the lease building. Mmm. I still remember the thrill I felt learning that someone we knew had seen the truck rocking and drove away with us being unaware. (He told me about it years later and we had a good laugh.) *grin*

Oh, I almost forgot about those times that my man and I visited the campsites at the lakes around town and had some fun on picnic tables and in the canoe…a dangerous proposition at best. Surprisingly we never did tip that canoe.

My personal favourite has to be bit of necking and cuddling in a darkened parking lot. At night, in the city, there are some pretty secluded parking structures that provide a bit of privacy and still leave that titillating risk of being caught. Ooo, how about that deserted lot behind the pub? I shiver with excitement just remembering it. Yummy!

Hot summer sex, is there someone out there watching? Will they interrupt, or will they just enjoy the view?

Check out My Newest Release Corralling the Cowboy.

City girl Alex wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary when she headed off to Buffalo Days with her friends. A bit of rodeo, a few rides on the midway, some corn dogs and maybe a couple of beers. She definitely wasn’t expecting to run smack dab into the sexiest hunk of cowboy she had ever laid eyes or hands on.

Joe is a rancher with a passion for the rodeo. Tired and ready to hit the road for home after a long day watching the stock he raised and the men he employed perform in the rodeo. It was never his intention to spend time with a city girl like Alex. In spite of this, he was unable to stop himself from stepping into the path of the sweet sexy blond in an attempt to meet her.

Neither of them was expecting the blazing heat that rose between them, or the unbridled passion that burst into flame as the midway darkened in late evening. There was definitely something between Alex and Joe, and they couldn’t help but explore each other as they tried to come to grips with it.
But passion has a way of finding us when we least expect it and love can lasso our hearts out of the blue.

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Hop around the Hot Summer Nights Bloghop.
Find more kink and great prizes.
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Monday, 18 June 2012

Corralling the Cowboy: Get Your Free Copy Now

How's this for a smokin hot cover? It is the work of the incredible Steena Holmes. Not only does she write fabulous stories in several genres, she is a gifted cover designer. She took the visions I was having and made them a reality. She gave me exactly what I wanted. How perfect is that?

City girl Alex wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary when she headed off to Buffalo Days with her friends. A bit of rodeo, a few rides on the midway, some corn dogs and maybe a couple of beers. She definitely wasn’t expecting to run smack dab into the sexiest hunk of cowboy she had ever laid eyes or hands on.
Joe is a rancher with a passion for the rodeo. Tired and ready to hit the road for home after a long day watching the stock he raised and the men he employed perform in the rodeo. It was never his intention to spend time with a city girl like Alex. In spite of this, he was unable to stop himself from stepping into the path of the sweet sexy blond in an attempt to meet her.
Neither of them was expecting the blazing heat that rose between them, or the unbridled passion that burst into flame as the midway darkened in late evening. There was definitely something between Alex and Joe, and they couldn’t help but explore each other as they tried to come to grips with it.
But passion has a way of finding us when we least expect it and love can lasso our hearts out of the blue.
Alex smiled and said, "Later guys, I’m gone. I’ve had enough rodeo and midway for one day.” With a wave and a backwards glance at her friends she headed towards the door and collided with a solid wall of flesh.
“Oof.” She blinked rapidly and stared at the wide expanse of chest in front of her. A large hand gripped her shoulder, steadying her. Alex tipped her head up and looked into the deepest chocolate brown eyes she had ever seen; she swallowed hard and took an unsteady step backwards.
“Watch yourself Little Lady; you could have knocked me down.” He tipped his hat back, his brown eyes twinkling. “You nearly spilled my beer.” He gestured towards her with his half empty glass.
Alex couldn’t help but smile at his roguish grin. “I think not.” She gave him a light push on the chest. He stayed rock solid. “You’re much bigger than I am.” Her voice cracked and moistened her suddenly dry lips. “Your beer is safe from me.” She looked him up and down. He was a tall one. His dark brown cowboy hat matched his boots and tan jeans. His snap front shirt was unbuttoned enticingly at the neck. Oh my, she thought. He is handsome, so big and strong looking, so much more of a man than the typical male at the office where she worked. She wouldn’t mind spending time basking in his enticing smile and bulky body. Suddenly, she wasn’t all that tired and the rodeo had regained its appeal.
“In fact,” she quipped. “I think you probably owe me a beer, for the bruising I’ll have where you rammed into me.” She winked at him. Wow; where had that come from? She had never hit on a stranger like that before. She tended towards shy, or at least no quite so brazen, but this guy was hot. Way hot. Steaming, smoking and totally lickably hot.
Mr. Tall, broad, and handsome smiled down at her, tipped his hat and offered his hand. “Joe Banks, at your service. May I buy you a beer to facilitate the repair of the grievous damage I have so callously inflicted on your delicate person?” He asked with mock formality and a small bow.
Oh, she liked a man that could tease her back, and she loved a man with brains. “I’m Alex. Pleased to meet you Joe.” His large hand engulfed hers; the rough callouses on the tips of his fingers and palm scratched pleasantly against her soft hand. Joe had a body to die for too. Brains, a sweet smile and a hot body: he might be the perfect man. She was suddenly swamped with images of being in his bed, steaming up the sheets. Oh my! Longing rushed through her. It had been a long time since she wanted a man at first glance, but Joe’s smile and solid body made her pulse race.
“Just-Alex?” He asked. “No last name?” He winked at her.
“No last name, a girl needs a little mystery,” she answered easily. “But a beer would be lovely.” Anything to spend more time with you. She wondered where this flirty side had come from.
He led her to the bar and handed her a glass of draft. “A toast to you Just-Alex, and my apologies for running you down.” He raised his glass and bumped it gently against hers.
Corralling the Cowboy is live now. Get your FREE copy at Smashwords.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Best Damned Dad on the Planet!

        Dad, on this special day, I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much you mean to me.
        There are a lot of fathers out there and after close examination of all of them; I have decided that you are without a doubt the best father in the country. Perhaps even on earth. Hell, you’re the best father in the universe. Bar none.
       You held my hand through life’s ups and downs, hugged me when I needed it, and when I didn’t. You disciplined me when I deserved it and skipped many times that you should have. You gave me money, values, dreams and ideals.
        You taught me many things, and I could never list them all. So here is a small sampling of them:
  • Always give 110%.
  • Go hard or go home.
  • Eat what’s put in front of you.
  • Eat your veggies. (Okay, I still don’t eat ‘em.)
  • Never give up.
  • Hold onto your dreams and fight for them.
  • Stand up for those you love.
  • Help a friend.
  • Help a stranger.
  • Be kind to kids, dogs and old people.
  • Hug your kids and praise them.
  • Support your family and friends.
  • Listen to your mother, she the smartest woman I know. (And she is.)
  • Find your values and stay true to them.
  • Fight for what you believe in.
  • Celebrate the joys in your life, embrace the sorrows.
  • Honesty and integrity make the man.
  • Manners are free.
  • Stand up and fight for your country.
  • Life isn’t easy, suck it up and get on with it.
  • Sometimes you have to hold your tongue. (I have yet to master this.)
  • Read a book.
  • Work hard.
  • Play hard.
  • Love hard.
        Because you have such a great way of wording things and such a creative mind, I want to share a few of my favorite, classic advice quotes.
  • “Shit or get off the pot.”
  • “Get your damned ass out of bed and do something useful.”
  • “Life isn’t easy, suck it up and get on with it.”
  • “I don’t care what career you choose, dig ditches for all I care. But you better be the best damned ditch digger there is.”
  • And my personal favorite, “Fuck, fight or hold the light. Just do something to help.”
        There aren’t enough words to tell you how much I love you and how much I appreciate all the things you have done for me, all the times you have been there for me. Hell, I even appreciate all the times you reprimanded and disciplined me. I especially appreciate all the creative ways you taught me to curse. You made me who I am today, and for that I am grateful.
        With all the love the one person can possibly give. This is your favorite daughter saying thanks dad. I love you, I’m proud of you and I wouldn’t trade you for anything.


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Plotting With My Pants Down!

Today, I'm talking about the process of story creation over on Ute Carbone's blog.
Come by and visit us.

To find us, here.

You might have a laugh or gain some insight into my twisted, devious mind. See you there!


Friday, 15 June 2012

The Origin of an Idea: Ute Carbone

Today I have a guest on my blog. Ute Carbone. She is a fabulous writer who's work I really enjoy. So sit back, relax and enjoy ...

Where The P-Town Queen came from
Hint: it wasn’t the stork
Since I began book writing and story creating it seems that the question I get asked most often is, “Where do your ideas come from?”. Here’s the thing. It’s magic. You wake up one morning and the sun is shining and the birds are twittering. There’s this little voice in your head saying “Write! Write! WRITE!” And you sit down at the keyboard and the words tip tap out like  a babbling brook.

Okay, I’m lying. The truth is something much more mundane and a lot less exciting. Stories and ideas are everywhere. If I get very lucky, a couple of ideas will begin to tango in my mind and a story will unfold.

Here’s how The P-Town Queen was conceived:

It started with me noodling around. Most stories start this way for me. I’ll write an opening line or two, apropos to nothing at all. Maybe I’ll expand the line into a paragraph. Or, as in was the case with P-Town, I’ll write a short scene using an idea that’s popping around in my head.
Sometimes the idea takes shape and I get all excited. More often than not, the idea melts away like an ice cream cone on a ninety degree day and I shove it into a folder I have called “maybe later.” Which really ought to be called the never ever file, but I’m an optimist and I hate closing the door on anything. Which explains why I still have cassette tapes buried in a box in my closet, but I digress.

Anyway, The P-Town Queen began as an idea. A man (the hero) was running from something terrible. Something like a mob hit. He goes to Provincetown, (because I’d recently visited Provincetown) to hide out and start a new life. Since I’d just been on a whale watch, I figured he’d apply for a job as an oceanographer because he knew nothing about the sea except how to make shrimp scampi. And he needed an alias, so he calls himself “Parker Bench” because he’s homeless and has been spending a lot of time on a park bench.
Since you can’t write about Provincetown without at least a nod to its vibrant gay community, my hero decides to pretend he’s gay. Because he’s not. In fact, he can’t imagine anyone would ever think he was.

I wanted to write a romantic comedy, so I needed a heroine. Enter Nikki, shark researcher extraordinaire who has made some bad decisions and is trying to get her standing in the research community back.
Provincetown also has a small enclave of close knit traditional Portuguese American fishing families and-Viola!- Nikki’s family is born.

So there you have it. The beginnings of The P-Town Queen. As to the rest, well. You’ll just have to get a copy of the book and read for yourself!
P-town Blurb
Nikki Silva feels like she’s blown up her life even as her brothers tease her about blowing up a boat called the Mona Lisa. Divorced, funding for her shark research cut off, she’s moved back to Provincetown to live with her father in her childhood home. Nikki hopes to regain herself. She’s written a grant proposal for the newly formed Massachusetts Bay Commission to fund a study that will get her back to the sort of research she loves. The commission is run by her ex-husband Ned, who would rather have a migraine than give money to his ex-wife.
Marco Tornetti wants to turn a hole-in-the-wall Newark spaghetti joint into a trendy bistro. His silent partner, Fat Phil Lagosa, wants to use the place to solicit questionable business deals.  When Fat Phil accuses Marco of a double cross and has him taken for a ride by one of his hit men, Marco knows he’s in too deep.
Marco escapes the hit man and takes the first bus out of the Tri-state area, a bus chartered by the Greater Teaneck Gay Men’s Choir and headed for Provincetown. Marco figures that Phil would never look for him in Provincetown‘s gay community. But when he meets Nikki and falls hard for her, he finds that pretending to be gay isn’t as easy as it would seem.
You can purchase  The P-Town Queen at:

Thanks for visiting with us Ute. I'm looking forward to reading your upcoming books. Keep writing.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Music to Write By

So, I'll begin yet another post with yet another confession. I am afflicted with a terrible disease: I have Music A.D.D. Yup. I do. Some days I can listen to the iPod all the way through without stopping, those are the days I love all music. Other days I hear the first few notes of a song and flick it to the next one. I can't help myself because on occasion even my favourite songs drive me nuts. (Read this entire post for the chance to win an Amazon gift card.)

Just for fun I've compiled a looooooong list of songs that I (almost) never skip over. Generally they are older music, what can I say, I'm stuck in the past. :) *big fat grin*  Most of these songs also become ear-worms: those little songs that get stuck in your head when you hear them and that you find yourself singing without knowing it. (Which really makes people stare at you in the stands at a lacrosse game.)

Billy Joel: Always a Woman
Billy Joel: Just the Way You Are
Billy Joel: Only the Good Die Young
Billy Joel: Still Rock and Roll
Brooks and Dunn: My Maria
Bruno Mars: I Wanna Marry You
Bruno Mars: Lazy Song (This video is too funny.)
BTO: Taking Care of Business

Cheap Trick: I Want You to Want Me
Chris Cummings: Betty
Cooper Brothers: The Dream Never Dies
Corb Lund Band: Truck Got Stuck

Dan Seals: Bop (You don't ever dance like you used and I don't wanna see you blue...)
Drifters: Save the Last Dance for Me

ELO: Hold on Tight (to your dreams.)
ELO: Rock and Roll is King (How can you beat lyrics like: whamma lamma lamma lamma?)
Everley brothers: Dream Dream Dream

Garth Brooks: Friends in Low Places
Garth Brooks: Papa Loved Mama
George Foxx: Clearly Canadian
George Foxx: Mustang Heart
Golden Earring: Radar Love
Gretchen Wilson: Red Neck Woman (This is so me. *grin*)

J. Geils Band: Centerfold
John Michael Montgomery: Life's A Dance
Best album of all time.
John Michael Montgomery: Sold
John Micheal Montgomery: I Love the Way That You Love Me
John Micheal Montgomery: I Swear
Johnny Nash: I Can See Clearly Now
Lonely Island: I Jizz in my Pants
Leann Rimes: Unchained Melody

Martina McBride: This Ones for the Girls
Meatloaf: Paradise by the Dashboard Light (best album of all time)

Paper Lace: The Night Chicago Died
Poison: Talk Dirty to Me
Police: Every Breath You Take (In spite of it being a stalker song)
Prairie Oyster: Canadian Sunrise
Prism: Take Me to the Captain

Robert Palmer: Bad Case of Loving You

Sweet: Ballroom Blitz (Thank you Heather C.)
Sweet: Fox on the Run

The Furey's: Red Rose Café
Toby Keith: As Good as I Once Was
Toby Keith: Red Solo Cup (I fill you up, let's have a party.)
Toby Keith: Beer for My Horses (Love the life values in this one.)
Tracy Byrd: Drinkin Bone
Travis Tritt: T*R*O*U*B*L*E (I try to live up to this one.)
Trooper: Raise a Little Hell

Warren Zevon: Werewolves of London (Ah-woooo.)

And let us not forget all that fun Newfie Music and the unique musical talents of Stompin Tom Connors.
For those of you who have taken the time to read this entire post, I'm having a little give-away.
Let me know which of these songs is your favourite (from the list.) And, let me know your favourite song of all time. (Because I might need something new to listen to.) I'll make a random draw on Monday, June 11 and the winner will receive a $10 Amazon gift card so they can download their own favourite MP3 songs. Or buy my book, or whatever.

Have a musically fantastic day. And yeah, I'm old enough that they will always be albums. (Think older than dirt!)


Friday, 1 June 2012

Welcome Sue Lyndon

Today I have a special treat for you. Recently I stumbled upon the writing of Sue Lyndon. I love the worlds she creates with her words, so I've asked her to visit with me on my blog.

So, without further ado, here she is .... lets give a big warm welcome to Sue.

I’m excited to switch blogs with you today, Katie!  Thanks a bunch for having me. 
Hello, everyone!  My name is Sue Lyndon and I’m an erotic romance author.  The end of May is a milestone for me because it marks a year since my first published story.  Since then, I’ve met some awesome publishers and authors and had an all-around fantastic time getting my feet wet in the writing world. 

I remember the moment I decided to become a writer like it was yesterday.  A few friends of mine got together and we rented a cabin deep in the woods of West Virginia for a weekend away.  At the time, I was currently going back to school for nursing – but my heart wasn’t in it.  I could never decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, changed my major way too many times during my first trip to college, and always had this ‘lost’ feeling.  During my weekend away, I took a long walk in the woods and sort of had an epiphany.  A little voice came to me and said, “Hey, why don’t you try writing a book?”  So I wrote a space opera novel.  It’s pretty craptastic and I’ll never show it to anyone, but it taught me how to write.  A few weeks after finishing it, I tried my hand at a few erotic romance pieces and found my niche writing bdsm and spanking romance stories.  I dropped out of nursing school (yay, me!) after my first acceptance.  Not once have I regretted my decision.  (Don’t worry – I kept my day job!)
Since I’m taking a trip down memory lane today, let me tell you about one of my first acceptances.  The lovely folks at Etopia Press accepted my erotic romance novella, MountainDevil, last summer.  Look at the pretty cover:

A Fabulous Read!
MountainDevil was released in January and was the perfect way to start off the New Year.  I have two more erotic romance novellas on the way with Etopia Press, Dark Without You and Surrender (Alien Warriors, book 1).  Look for them in a couple of months.  Better yet – join me on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, or follow my blog.  I always shout my new releases from these social networking mountaintops, and I love to interact with other authors and readers.
Don’t forget to check out my fun interview with Katie O’Conner.

Thanks for stopping by Sue. I think I'll go re-read Mountain Devil. Yummy.

PS: Don't forget to visit me on Sue's blog today too.