Sunday, 22 July 2012

Erotica or Pornography: You Decide

You may have noticed that there has been a massive upsurge in the popularity of erotica; steamy hot stories designed for women or cliterature as I like to call it. Since I have been published, I've spent a lot of time discussing erotica.

When people ask me what I do, here is how the conversation usually goes.

Them: What do you do?
Me: I am a writer.
Them: Have I read any of your books? (*How the hell would I know that?*)
Me: Probably not, I don't write mainstream stories.
Them: What do you write?
Me: Mostly porn.
Them: Really? (all bug eyed and creeped out)
Me: Really.
Them: Really?
Me: Yes. I write erotica. Porn. Naughty stories, with lots of sex, that are fun to read.
Them: Oh.

Often, this is the end of the discussion, but frequently it leads to chatting about the difference between erotica and porn. Some days, I think that the difference is mostly just semantics, or opinion. For example, some people think steamy romances are porn. I think they are just hot reading ... semantics. Other days, I think that the major difference is that porn is just sex with no signs of emotion or personality. There is more depth to erotica. (I'm not claiming that it is intellectual literature here, so don't go getting all up in arms.)

My work is naughty, my stories are loaded with sex, but there is also love, kindness, generosity, and realistic characters that experience a range of emotions as well as smokin hot sex. I like to think that my characters have some personality beyond just being sexual people. This makes my stories erotica, not porn. Still, I understand that the predominance of sex in my work will cause many people to classify it as porn, while I think of it as cliterature.

My recently published short story Corralling the Cowboy is almost borderline porn. It is the story of two people who meet and share a quick fling. What keeps it on the erotica side is that they are genuinely attracted to each other as people, not just bodies; and that they show emotion. In the end they seem to have found someone worth keeping in their lives. Alex may not have found her handsome prince, her Mr. Right, but she has definitely found Mr. Right-Now, and she fully intends to spend time getting to know him.

See, it's just semantics. The distinction doesn't really concern me, I write what moves me, what I enjoy reading. While my next story is erotica, I am also working on a couple of more conventional romantic tales. There will still be sex, but it won't be the focus...these stories are designed to stir your heart, not your loins.  ;)


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Erotica to Go

Recently it was suggested to me by a reader that "For an erotica writer, your blog doesn't have much erotica on it." The comment made me laugh, but Pammy is right. So today I present to you, my faithful readers, a clip from my current work in progress. It is a menage story featuring Tessa and the three men that have fallen for her.

Tessa woke to the heavenly smell of coffee and the low rumble of a masculine chuckle. She rolled over to cuddle against Rob, only to discover that he was sound asleep. Her sleep fogged mind wiggled with the conflict. If he was sleeping beside her, who had made coffee, and who was laughing? She clutched the sheet to her chest and bolted upright. More laughter greeted her action. Her gaze flew to the door.
“What the hell are you doing here?” She demanded with a glare.
“I just brought you coffee in bed, Sweetie,” Mitch drawled. “How was I to know you were cuddled up with this moron?” He gestured towards Rob with the cup in his hand.
“Maybe because she’s in my house and in my bed,” Rob growled. “Get out of here Waters.” Rob pulled Tessa back down into his embrace. “We are not ready to get up yet. Lock the door on your way out.”
Tessa looked back and forth between the two men, it was early, and her mind wasn’t up to processing things yet. “Give me that coffee before you leave,” she growled at the man lounging indolently against the door jam.
“You want it? Come and get it.” Mitch teased with a wink. “I came over here; made you coffee, and the cinnamon buns are in the oven. The least you can do,” he winked at her, “is get out of bed and share them with me.” He pivoted his head to look at his long-time friend. “Let the lady up, it’s just plain wrong to hold her hostage in your bed.”
“He is not holding me hostage,” Tessa glared at Mitch. “Now give me the coffee and nobody gets hurt.”
“Get…the…fuck…out of my bedroom.” Rob roared. “Leave us alone.”
Tessa and Mitch both stared at Rob’s uncharacteristic outburst.
“Rob.” Tessa chided. “You said the f-word. You never say the f-word. Hell, I’ve known you since grade six. Not once in all that time have I ever heard you use the f-word. Holy hell. She turned to look at Mitch. “You better leave; I’ve never seen him lose his temper. EVER.”
Rob struggled to sit up without dropping the sheet to expose Tessa. “I said get the fuck out of my bedroom.” He threw a pillow at Mitch. The throw was wildly off, sending Mitch into gales of laughter.
“Okay,” Mitch conceded, “I’ll leave the bedroom, but I’m not leaving the house.” He cocked his head, listening to something. “Oops, there’s my dinger. Breakfast is ready.” He grinned raunchily at them. “Get your sweet butts out of bed and down to the kitchen.” Turning on his heel he left.
“Bring back that cof-” Rob’s hand clamped over Tessa’s mouth, stopping her words.
“Don’t,” he warned her. “Don’t say anything to bring him back or we’ll never get rid of him.” Rob flopped back onto the bed with a sigh. Pulling Tessa into his arms, he snuggled close. “Darn. I was hoping for a long slow morning in bed with you.” He kissed her lightly on the forehead.
Tessa snuggled into his embrace, he was nice and warm and cozy and the morning air was cool. She sighed softly. “Me too.” They shared a long lingering kiss, before Tessa pulled away reluctantly. “Damn. I have to pee.” She started to wiggle out of bed.
“No way.” Rob started tickling her, running his fingers up and down her side, searching out all of the sensitive zones he had found the day before.
Tessa squealed. “Let me go. I…have…to…pee.” She writhed under his touch. “Rob. Stop it.” She bucked against him.
“Pay the toll,” he demanded, his fingers digging lightly into her underarm.
“Yes.” She squealed again. “Anything just let me go.”
“A kiss then. Kiss me like you mean it.” His fingers stilled and he drew her back into his embrace.
Tessa rolled onto her back, her arms going around Rob’s shoulders, pulling him on top of her. “Anytime,” she whispered, raising her lips to his.
“You, Tessa Dupree, are mine,” he whispered against her mouth. “Don’t you ever forget it!” He pressed his lips against hers, softly at first, then increasing the pressure and intensity.
Rob’s tongue slipped inside Tessa’s mouth and she knew he was claiming her with his kiss, as well as his words. She poured her heart into the kiss, telling him without words that she cared for him too. For a moment, her mind battled her heart. Did she love him? Was she prepared to commit to only one man? Was Rob her soul mate? Then the love and power in his kiss, in his caress overpowered all thought and she gave into the sensation, gave in to his love. At length, Rob backed off, and Tessa knew a moment of loss.
“Come on Sweetie.” Rob groaned. “As much as I am loath to give to in my idiot friend, it is time to get up. He won’t leave until we show up downstairs. I’m surprised he’s not back up here already.”
Tessa scampered out of bed and raced into the en-suite. “Your idiot friend keeps interfering in my sex-life.” She called out over her shoulder as she closed the door.
“What does that mean?” Rob called through the door.
“Shit.” Tessa whispered to herself. I so should not have said that. What if he finds out about what happened in the parking lot with Peter? How the hell would she explain that? It was bad enough that Rob knew she was attracted to Peter and had sort-of dated him. He sure didn’t need to know that she had screwed him in the parking lot the night they met, or that Mitch had caught them in the act. When would she learn to keep her big mouth shut?

Hope you enjoyed this little clip from my work in progress. I'm on the editing stage, so with luck it won't be long before it is released. 

Friday, 13 July 2012

Check Out My Buns

Yesterday, I had this sudden irresistible urge for steaming hot, fresh out of the oven, homemade buns with delicious butter melting on them. You know the urge was strong, because I am not a baker as a general rule and I actually gave in and made them. Even though it was hot as blazes outside, I whipped up a small batch of buns.

And let me tell you this, they were stupendous.

I have to admit that I mix the dough in my bread maker because I have a bum wrist. But I never bake anything in it; I shape the buns or loaves and let them rise before baking. It gives lighter fluffier buns. And we all want light-fluffy buns.

Delectable Buns

1 1/3 cups       Milk
2 Tbsp             Olive Oil (or butter or margarine)
1 ½ tsp             Salt (Don’t skip any of this or your bread will be grainy)
4 cups              All-purpose flour
2 tsp                Sugar
2 tsp                Quick rise yeast

Measure and mix the liquid ingredients in a large bowl. (Or the break maker pan)
Measure and add the dry ingredients.
Make a well in the flour and add the yeast.
Turn the break maker on to the dough setting: or mix and knead well until you have a nice ball.
Wet dough needs a sprinkle of extra flour. Dry dough needs a dribble of water or milk.
Cover and let rise 1.5- 2 hours. (Or run through the dough cycle.)
Shape into rolls and place in a lightly greased pan.
I like to make clover leaf buns by putting three small balls of dough into a muffin tin.
Let rise until double in size.
Bake at 325-350 degrees for about 20 minutes.
I like to rub a small amount of butter on the top of them when they first come out of the oven to make them soft.
They are best still screaming hot out of the oven with a bit of butter and some cheese.

They are small, but oooooh so good.
Thinking I need some new yeast so they rise better.



Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Okay, I know it isn't politically correct, but I have always been a huge fan of the classic pin-up girl. I love their flirty looks and cutesy poses. When a friend sent me the link to  Rion Sabean's Men-Ups pictures I laughed myself silly. These are classic! As funny as they are, they do make you think. We've come a long way baby.

Men-ups! Hilarious and thought provoking pictures of men by Rion Sabean. More info on Rion is available on his website. I highly suggest you check out his web-site and his work.

More of these great pictures can be seen on this flicker stream.