Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Stages of Seduction: Smell

            Moving right along, today we’re going to talk about the sense of smell. Humans have between five and six million scent receptors high in their nasal passages. These little cells are what allow us to smell things, which in turn elicits a response in our brains that tells us what we smell, and whether or not it is pleasant to us. Scent is a part of our life. Sometimes it is lovely, sometimes not so much and we all try to use scent to our advantage.

            We all do it, we stroke on a little scented lotion, spritz on a bit of perfume or cologne. We use soap and a little deodorant to keep the nasty smells at bay. It’s part of living in the civilized world, and dealing with others without being offensive. But more importantly, it is part of the lovely game of seduction.

Scents can bring back fond memories, arouse us, or even repel us. We’ve all had those moments where the hint of an aroma triggers a memory from our past. For me, the scent of lavender or spicy-ginger-molasses cookies makes me think of my grandmothers. Fresh cooked fish reminds me of the deep sea salmon fishing trips I took with my man. I had one boss who wore entirely too much aftershave, to this day, that scent makes my stomach churn. Other colognes and aftershaves bring to mind different men I have met over my lifetime, some good, some bad.

            For me, the smell of beer has a dual effect. It makes me think either of my man (date night is often beer and wings) or lacrosse players celebrating after a big win. (Mmm, sweaty near naked men … yummy.)  That brings to mind another type of dual scent, masculine sweat. Stale sweat is not pretty, in fact it is quite revolting (think dirty sports gear) but fresh sweat, oh my, it makes a man totally lickable.

            As women, we use scents to invite a man closer, to snag his interest. I’ll bet that at least once, someone has told you that you smell great. I’ve been told that my perfume makes a man want to snuggle up and get close to me. Isn’t that the whole idea of perfume? One fellow told me I smelled like cookies and that he wanted to eat me up. (You’ve gotta love that vanilla lotion.)

            Now, thinking of scent as a part of seduction, picture the scene: The room is dim; the only light comes from flicking, vanilla scented candles. A soft breeze stirs the air bringing with it the crisp tang of a flirty red wine, and the citrusy smell of aftershave. There is a hint of mint on his breath as he leans in to kiss you softly. You snuggle closer, tasting, touching, pleasing. Your arousal grows; you don’t notice the secret scent of pheromones, only the clean tang of his sweat as things heat up … the seduction begins.

Beth watched him from across the room. Sweat glistened on the back of his neck. The game was tied, and both teams were exhausted, but she had lost interest in the game. All she could see was the sweat beading on his skin; she could almost smell its masculine aroma from here. She licked her dry lips, closed her eyes and lost herself in the image of licking the sweat from his skin.

What smells move you? Which ones turn you on and stroke your libido? Could it be baby powder, fresh soap, cologne? Maybe it’s chocolate, wine or leather.


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