Monday, 26 March 2012

Reading Romances: Drink Up to Win!

Drinking and WInning: Day 3

Well, the weather outside if frightful. I mean really, I thought spring was here and I look outside and it is SNOWING. AGAIN. Sigh. So I’m thinking warm summer thoughts hoping to scare the snow away. What better way to ring in summer than with a Vodka Paralyser. Oh yeah! Mmm. It really is the perfect summer drink, and with milk in it, it is nutritious. Right?

Vodka Paralyser

1oz. Coffee Liqueur (Kahlua)
1/2 cup Cola
1/2 cup Milk
1oz. Vodka ( Tequila may be substituted for Vodka.)


Pour Kahlua and vodka into a glass with ice.
Pour Cola over mixture.
Stir gently.
Slooooowly pour milk into the glass, trying to pour it directly onto the ice. (This seems to help with the problem of curdling.)
Stir and enjoy.

My favorite vodka story: Many years ago, when our kids were just learning to read, one of them wandering into the kitchen early one morning and stood staring at the bottle of vodka on the kitchen counter. She knew that alcohol was for adults, not kids and I guess she wondered why it was out at breakfast time. (Hold-over from guests the night before.) She stood there hands on her hips, clearly trying to sound out the label and finally said, “What is this VODAK stuff anyway.” Since then, around our house, vodka has officially been re-named Vodak. Cheers.

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