Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Master Procrastinator at Work

Good Morning Peeps:

I'm glad you found time to stop by.

Let me begin by saying that I am entirely too lazy this morning. I had a fabulous sleep last night; full of sexy, naughty dreams. As a result, I am disinclined to start working this morning.

Over the last few days, I I've been busy working on a real blog post but I didn't get it finished, so I decided to post a collection of things I have stumbled upon around the wonderful world of the Internet. And before you ask; yes I was procrastinating when I should have been writing. I know that doesn't surprise you. I'm lazy by nature and have developed avoidance to an art form.
Lucky for me, I have one of these in my life.

I also have people like this in my life.
Too funny! I snorted when I saw this.

It is possible that I am the world's worst dancer.
After a beer or three I don't even care!

Admit it, you sang it! Didn't you?
Take note boys (and girls.) This is how it should be.
Now, where is MY sandwich!

With these profound thoughts, go forth into your day and enjoy it as much as you can. Know that I'm thinking about you and hoping you get a sandwich.


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