Tuesday, 16 December 2014

What Rings Your Christmas Bells?

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Today's topic comes from Carrie Elks this week:
We all love a bit of romance at Christmastime! Tell us about your favorite Christmas story—it could be a book, a movie or a true-life romance. What makes it so memorable?

Seems Simple enough .... right?

The main tree, for Grandkids.
I've put some thought into this, some serious thought. It isn't easy to pick just one special day or occurrence. So, in my typical, obstinate, non-conformist fashion, I'm going to do what ever I want.

The best part of Christmas is of course, spending time with family and friends. I consider Christmas the time to renew friendships and remind people how important they are to me. So I try to do nice things and find time to catch up with those who have drifted away during the year.

Bears 3 or 3 for every step.
Gifts? I can take them or leave them. I'm happy without gifts, but when I see something special that screams a loved one's name ... I have to buy it. I don't spend much, its not about the money, it is about reminding them how important they are.

And the decorating? Good grief, I LOVE the decorating. My house looks like Christmas exploded here. I was obsessed before, but now I have grandbabies to share with. So look out world! I've got two trees, one of which has a serious lean due to a crappy stand. I won't undecorate to replace the stand, so I've tied it to the railing to keep it upright. There are countless wreaths hanging everywhere, fake presents on the front step, teddy bears, a huge village, and lights strung up around every room on the main floor. I would have them upstairs too, but it is currently under renovation. No sense having lights when you have no carpet.

I'm adding a few pictures ... just to give you the idea.
Fragile ornament tree. Leaning Tower of Treeza.

Village, part one of three.
Santa's Workshop

Village ... my grand daughter loves the people.

I've got quilts on tables, walls and floors. And the beds.
12 days of Christmas Quilt

Star Trek Ornaments.

There are Star Trek ornaments on the table ... to heavy to hang. And Jim Shore ornaments on tables and the mantle.
The best part are all the ornaments on the tree that my children made when they were young. Toilet paper angels, one eyed reindeer. Felt trees with their candy decorations eaten off, macaroni angels... you get the idea.  Each is flawed, precious and perfect. (Some are so hideous they are cute.)
And we won't even get into the mess that results from partially wrapped presents. With three grand kids, I may have gone overboard on the gifts.
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  1. I like your attitude toward Christmas, but I love the Star Trek ornaments. I know people who need them. Me!!!!!

    1. I even have a communicator that makes noises and beeps and talks. My awesome daughter bought it for me a few years ago. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Excellent post and share Katie! Your pics are fantastic!

  3. Oh, my gosh! I love the Star Ornaments. And I love that I'm not the only one who puts up more than one tree. I have three, actually four. I'm a glutton for punishment this time of year. I have a 5th tree I don't get out because it's too tall for my current ceilings.

    1. Sadly, I don't get to have more than two trees. I already have too many decorations. I have boxes of antique ones from my mother, mother-in-law and my grandmothers. I'm keeping them safe for when the babies aren't so inclined to play with the tree. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. How wonderful - love your Holiday spirit and your pictures. Funny, because I have two trees as well. One I decorate strictly with Santa Claus ornaments - I am a big collector of all things Santa, and my house is filled with them. I love pulling everything out once a year and remembering when I bought it or who gave it to me. A lovely part of the season. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!


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