Monday, 4 June 2012

Music to Write By

So, I'll begin yet another post with yet another confession. I am afflicted with a terrible disease: I have Music A.D.D. Yup. I do. Some days I can listen to the iPod all the way through without stopping, those are the days I love all music. Other days I hear the first few notes of a song and flick it to the next one. I can't help myself because on occasion even my favourite songs drive me nuts. (Read this entire post for the chance to win an Amazon gift card.)

Just for fun I've compiled a looooooong list of songs that I (almost) never skip over. Generally they are older music, what can I say, I'm stuck in the past. :) *big fat grin*  Most of these songs also become ear-worms: those little songs that get stuck in your head when you hear them and that you find yourself singing without knowing it. (Which really makes people stare at you in the stands at a lacrosse game.)

Billy Joel: Always a Woman
Billy Joel: Just the Way You Are
Billy Joel: Only the Good Die Young
Billy Joel: Still Rock and Roll
Brooks and Dunn: My Maria
Bruno Mars: I Wanna Marry You
Bruno Mars: Lazy Song (This video is too funny.)
BTO: Taking Care of Business

Cheap Trick: I Want You to Want Me
Chris Cummings: Betty
Cooper Brothers: The Dream Never Dies
Corb Lund Band: Truck Got Stuck

Dan Seals: Bop (You don't ever dance like you used and I don't wanna see you blue...)
Drifters: Save the Last Dance for Me

ELO: Hold on Tight (to your dreams.)
ELO: Rock and Roll is King (How can you beat lyrics like: whamma lamma lamma lamma?)
Everley brothers: Dream Dream Dream

Garth Brooks: Friends in Low Places
Garth Brooks: Papa Loved Mama
George Foxx: Clearly Canadian
George Foxx: Mustang Heart
Golden Earring: Radar Love
Gretchen Wilson: Red Neck Woman (This is so me. *grin*)

J. Geils Band: Centerfold
John Michael Montgomery: Life's A Dance
Best album of all time.
John Michael Montgomery: Sold
John Micheal Montgomery: I Love the Way That You Love Me
John Micheal Montgomery: I Swear
Johnny Nash: I Can See Clearly Now
Lonely Island: I Jizz in my Pants
Leann Rimes: Unchained Melody

Martina McBride: This Ones for the Girls
Meatloaf: Paradise by the Dashboard Light (best album of all time)

Paper Lace: The Night Chicago Died
Poison: Talk Dirty to Me
Police: Every Breath You Take (In spite of it being a stalker song)
Prairie Oyster: Canadian Sunrise
Prism: Take Me to the Captain

Robert Palmer: Bad Case of Loving You

Sweet: Ballroom Blitz (Thank you Heather C.)
Sweet: Fox on the Run

The Furey's: Red Rose Café
Toby Keith: As Good as I Once Was
Toby Keith: Red Solo Cup (I fill you up, let's have a party.)
Toby Keith: Beer for My Horses (Love the life values in this one.)
Tracy Byrd: Drinkin Bone
Travis Tritt: T*R*O*U*B*L*E (I try to live up to this one.)
Trooper: Raise a Little Hell

Warren Zevon: Werewolves of London (Ah-woooo.)

And let us not forget all that fun Newfie Music and the unique musical talents of Stompin Tom Connors.
For those of you who have taken the time to read this entire post, I'm having a little give-away.
Let me know which of these songs is your favourite (from the list.) And, let me know your favourite song of all time. (Because I might need something new to listen to.) I'll make a random draw on Monday, June 11 and the winner will receive a $10 Amazon gift card so they can download their own favourite MP3 songs. Or buy my book, or whatever.

Have a musically fantastic day. And yeah, I'm old enough that they will always be albums. (Think older than dirt!)



  1. I am a big fan of country music. I think my fav of your music is Drinkin Bone, its just such fun.

    My all time favorite song is Dance Little Jean ... I cry everytime I hear it because it tells my daughter's story.

    1. I like your taste in music! Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us.

  2. Okay, so I agree with some of your choices, but you forgot Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger, which is probably my favourite song. From your list, I'd have to agree with Paradise by the Dashboard Light - definitely a classic. I also noticed that you don't have any Fleetwood Mac - lots of great songs on their Rumors LP and then there's ... Thanks for offering this giveaway.

    1. Oh, you are so right Old Time Rock and Roll is definately a sing-along song. Actually I love Fleetwood Mac. There really is no end to the good music out there, I have to agree with you there. We can't forget Queen, and my personal favorite The Bay City Rollers. Just thinking about them makes me smile.

  3. I live with my iPod strapped to my ears some days too. I like a bit of Billy Joel from time to time and I do like writing with something going on in the background, whether it's music or sport on TV

    1. Music I understand, but sports on TV while you write? If I tried to write while lacrosse was on, I would spend all my time drooling at the players' legs or writing them into the story. :) But, to each his own. I love to write at the local breakfast place and do my best writing amid the clatter of flatware and chatter of voices. It really is whatever works for you isn't it?

      Thanks for visiting my blog! Good to see a new face around here.


  4. Our random draw selected Unknown (6th of June) (the poster who mentioned Dance Little Jean) as our winner. If they can contact me by email and let me know how to get the gift card to them, I will do so. If I haven't heard by the 20th. I will select another winner. So if you are stopping by keep posting. I love the hear from my readers!



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