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Corralling the Cowboy: Get Your Free Copy Now

How's this for a smokin hot cover? It is the work of the incredible Steena Holmes. Not only does she write fabulous stories in several genres, she is a gifted cover designer. She took the visions I was having and made them a reality. She gave me exactly what I wanted. How perfect is that?

City girl Alex wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary when she headed off to Buffalo Days with her friends. A bit of rodeo, a few rides on the midway, some corn dogs and maybe a couple of beers. She definitely wasn’t expecting to run smack dab into the sexiest hunk of cowboy she had ever laid eyes or hands on.
Joe is a rancher with a passion for the rodeo. Tired and ready to hit the road for home after a long day watching the stock he raised and the men he employed perform in the rodeo. It was never his intention to spend time with a city girl like Alex. In spite of this, he was unable to stop himself from stepping into the path of the sweet sexy blond in an attempt to meet her.
Neither of them was expecting the blazing heat that rose between them, or the unbridled passion that burst into flame as the midway darkened in late evening. There was definitely something between Alex and Joe, and they couldn’t help but explore each other as they tried to come to grips with it.
But passion has a way of finding us when we least expect it and love can lasso our hearts out of the blue.
Alex smiled and said, "Later guys, I’m gone. I’ve had enough rodeo and midway for one day.” With a wave and a backwards glance at her friends she headed towards the door and collided with a solid wall of flesh.
“Oof.” She blinked rapidly and stared at the wide expanse of chest in front of her. A large hand gripped her shoulder, steadying her. Alex tipped her head up and looked into the deepest chocolate brown eyes she had ever seen; she swallowed hard and took an unsteady step backwards.
“Watch yourself Little Lady; you could have knocked me down.” He tipped his hat back, his brown eyes twinkling. “You nearly spilled my beer.” He gestured towards her with his half empty glass.
Alex couldn’t help but smile at his roguish grin. “I think not.” She gave him a light push on the chest. He stayed rock solid. “You’re much bigger than I am.” Her voice cracked and moistened her suddenly dry lips. “Your beer is safe from me.” She looked him up and down. He was a tall one. His dark brown cowboy hat matched his boots and tan jeans. His snap front shirt was unbuttoned enticingly at the neck. Oh my, she thought. He is handsome, so big and strong looking, so much more of a man than the typical male at the office where she worked. She wouldn’t mind spending time basking in his enticing smile and bulky body. Suddenly, she wasn’t all that tired and the rodeo had regained its appeal.
“In fact,” she quipped. “I think you probably owe me a beer, for the bruising I’ll have where you rammed into me.” She winked at him. Wow; where had that come from? She had never hit on a stranger like that before. She tended towards shy, or at least no quite so brazen, but this guy was hot. Way hot. Steaming, smoking and totally lickably hot.
Mr. Tall, broad, and handsome smiled down at her, tipped his hat and offered his hand. “Joe Banks, at your service. May I buy you a beer to facilitate the repair of the grievous damage I have so callously inflicted on your delicate person?” He asked with mock formality and a small bow.
Oh, she liked a man that could tease her back, and she loved a man with brains. “I’m Alex. Pleased to meet you Joe.” His large hand engulfed hers; the rough callouses on the tips of his fingers and palm scratched pleasantly against her soft hand. Joe had a body to die for too. Brains, a sweet smile and a hot body: he might be the perfect man. She was suddenly swamped with images of being in his bed, steaming up the sheets. Oh my! Longing rushed through her. It had been a long time since she wanted a man at first glance, but Joe’s smile and solid body made her pulse race.
“Just-Alex?” He asked. “No last name?” He winked at her.
“No last name, a girl needs a little mystery,” she answered easily. “But a beer would be lovely.” Anything to spend more time with you. She wondered where this flirty side had come from.
He led her to the bar and handed her a glass of draft. “A toast to you Just-Alex, and my apologies for running you down.” He raised his glass and bumped it gently against hers.
Corralling the Cowboy is live now. Get your FREE copy at Smashwords.


  1. Thanks Katie!! I can't resist a good sexy cowboy story. I can't wait to start reading.

    1. Enjoy it Mel! Hope it gets you all pumped up for rodeo season.



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