Monday, 3 October 2011

Research: A Visit to an Adult Chat Room

While I haven't been blogging here for very long, some of you may have realized that I have a naughty streak. That would explain why I write erotica. LOL.

Lately I've been a bit stuck for inspiration. I am not worried about it, it is simply how it goes when you are a writer. Ideas come and go, some of them are even good. Some of them are great. Some are a little suspect. Other times, the ideas don't come at all. I believe this is all part of the writing process.

When I have ideas, good or bad, I write them down in my idea file. That way when I am stuck for inspiration, I have a place to go search for something to jump-start the creative process. On occasion I read those ideas and wonder what the hell I was thinking, other times they provide the inspiration I was seeking.

Now, for my current project, I was looking for some inspiration, and found myself on an adult chat site. Holy hand-grenades Batman! There are some real strange people out there! I have spent literally hours on this site talking with folks of all types. Some are fascinating, some not so much. Generally, on this specific site, men outnumber the women about six to one. On occasion the ratio is higher. Friday night, it was sixteen to one and I was the one which made me very popular. I won't deny it is good for the ego.

So here I am, poor little innocent Katie, on an adult chat site, chatting with sixteen guys, all of us discussing sex. Mm mm mmm. It was a riot. It was educational. I laughed a lot and I learned a lot. You can chat 'publicly' here or share private messages with the different members. In private chats I have learned about everything from turn ons, to being a service provider to fetish play.

I tell all the guys and dolls who are chatting that I am married, don't mess around and am just there for fun. They accept that and respect my boundaries. They seem to accept just about everything.

In public chat, the conversation occasionally gets out of hand. When it does a moderator steps in and reprimands people and things go back to 'normal.' While all the talk of sex and sports is fascinating, what I really find intriguing is the gallantry of the men there. Don't get me wrong here, I expect things to be rude, crude and waaaaaay over the top. It is an adult/sex chat site and I am not easily offended. If I was, I surely wouldn't be there. When things have gotten particularly rude, I have had the moderator pm (private message) me and tell me that if the guys are bothering me or are too out of hand to let him know and he will step in.Several men have sent me pms offering to defend my honor. Guys have spoke out in the public chat suggesting that things be scaled back while the ladies are present. And I thought that chivalry was dead. Apparently not! (And why would I want things scaled back on my behalf, that would take the fun out of it.) I do thank those gallant gentlemen for sticking up for me.

Now, you have to realize that all my writing is fiction. It does not come from events in my life or from people I know. But I can see where the stories I hear in chat could be an inspiration. Everyone there has a 'handle', so it is all anonymous, so privacy is protected, even as their stories jump start my creativity. So if any of my chat friends should stumble upon this blog or my stories, know that I am grateful for your inspiration and that your identity is safe with me. Oh wait, I don't actually know who you are, so you are more than safe.

All in all, it is great fun and listening to the stories provides me with a lot of inspiration and occasionally an eduction.


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