Tuesday, 21 April 2015

FLASH FICTION: RWW Pink, Sweet Kisses


Welcome to the Romance Writer's Weekly Blog Hop.
 I hope you've come from Veronica Forand's blog at  http://veronicaforand.com/ If not, stop by and pay her a visit. She's an awesome author who spins a great yarn. 

Today's blog idea comes from the lovely and talented Fiona Riplee at http://fionariplee.com/blog 

What is the topic you ask?  Why mini flash fiction of course. The challenge is to use 10 words or less to describe a kiss. Include the words pink & sweet.

I'm taking a weird tack on this one ...

Attempt One: 
Dressed  in pink my granddaughter gave me the sweetest kiss.
Attempt Two:
His hot, wet, sizzling lips pressed against my pink ones. (Crap, missed sweet.)
Attempt Three: 
Chris lowered his head and devoured her sweet pink lips.
Attempt Four:
Sultry, steamy, hot, wet, deep, flushed, aroused -- wait where was I going with this?

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Hugs and kisses


  1. What Sarah said! LOL!--Tracey Gee

  2. Yeah, I'm going with number four too. It's...um...yeah. ;)

  3. I think they're all great - each a little different. Loved them!


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