Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Vacation Follies: Get Me Away From Winter

Today's Romance Writer's Weekly blog hop topic comes from the talented  A.S. Fenichel -
It's cold in most places. What's you're favorite vacation spot? This can be someplace you've been or someplace you dream of going. If you have a book with a terrific vacation spot, work it in, too. :)

Jo Richardson, Author.
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A person has to love winter to live where I do. Calgary, Alberta, Canada is cold. Very cold.
Okay, that may be a wee bit of an exaggeration this year. Today we are sitting at a balmy -4C. (That's about 25F for those of you who haven't gone metric.) Pretty nice weather for here.

Our summer place. In late April.
Calgary has special weather. Freezing cold, then a Chinook hits and bam, Chinook headache caused by all that warm air rushing in. But the temp can change 20 degrees in an hour. It's great for keeping the snow down. All that warm air and wind sweeps the snow away.

But, today we are talking vacation. Hubsters and I spend a lot of time in our holiday trailer at our summer place. In the summer it is awesome. Tons of trees. Lots of warm (not hot) weather. Good friends, great neighbors, family.

I'm not one for warm weather. I like a nice even plus 15C. Warm enough for shorts, but not melting my fat-arse off. Hubby and I have taken a few vacations. We spent a week on a floating lodge salmon fishing in British Columbia. That was awesome.
My favorite Canadian vacation spot is Newfoundland. We had a blast there. Seriously, how cute are these buildings? And the fish chowder is to die for! And only in St. Johns does it take two kegs of beer for two teams to play three games of lacrosse! 
We've been to Prague, Manchester and London for lacrosse tournaments. Ya, hubsters still plays lacrosse a couple times a week. It keeps him fit and hot. (Fans face.) Scotland was amazing. Such great people and harsh but pretty scenery.
When I am famous and raking in the big bucks, I'm going back to London to spend a week writing in Trafalgar Square. Writing, reading, people watching. All with a steaming hot cup of coffee and a pasty in my hands. And don't go getting all technical and telling me that if both hands are full I won't be able to write. I'm dreaming big here.
Author Jami Denise

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Do you have a favorite vacation place? Tell us about it? Where do you go and what makes it so fabulous?



  1. Man I was hoping you'd warm me up a little Katie. LOL But it sounds beautiful! XOXO!

  2. Katie - Calgary sounds lovely, but a little cold! I'd definitely want a bowl of that chowder to warm me up - does that restaurant in Newfoundland deliver? :-)

  3. BC & Newfoundland - SO pretty. Loved Scotland & England, too. If you like cooler vacations, Katie, check out the Yukon & Norway. <3

  4. I love London. I lived there for a time and refused to do the "touristy" things. I lived like a local. But two weeks before I left, I crammed in all the tourist stops lol. When I go now, I barely have time to see anything. One of these days, I'll just spend a week there with nothing to do but gawk. =)

  5. A floating lodge sounds pretty exciting! :D


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