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Jami Denise Picks My Mind

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Come in sit down, visit a spell. It is time to learn more about the inner working of a romance novelist's mind. This week’s questions come from Jami Denise.

When writing your novel, do you know how it’s going to end before you write, or do you write from start to finish?

Not to dodge the question, but the way my stories come to fruition is often a mystery to me. Sometimes a story explodes into my head fully scripted. Other times, scenes drop in unannounced and require fleshing out into a story. Frequently, a snipped of overheard conversation will spark a story idea.
Usually, I start with a scene and follow the characters where they lead me. Often, they I set them on a path headed in one direction and they end up somewhere else entirely. In my current work in progress, I have a woman of less than high moral standards who was supposed to murder another antagonist. She was designed as a former prostitute, who was trying to snare a rich married man and get her hands on his money. Somehow I started feeling bad for her, and her checkered past which wasn’t her fault. Now, she is making a turn around and begging for her own redemption story. I believe her story is going to be a good one, but having her change her character is playing havoc with the original story. I no longer have anyone to kill the rich bastard and he needs to die to make the original novel work out. Maybe she can accidentally kill him? Hmm. That could be the epiphany  moment that causes her to turn her life around ….

How do the people you know impact your writing? Are you influenced by friends and family for your characters?

Generally, I don’t take ideas or characters from people I know. Once, I used a career that a friend was considering up-taking as a character’s career. I love to eavesdrop on conversations when I am out in public, and often use snippets of things I have overheard as fodder for conversation or conflicts in my stories.
Occasionally, an idea or character will come out resembling someone I know, but this is never intentional and if I can rework that character without drastically altering the story, I will do so.

Describe the hero in your current WIP in three words. 

My current hero, Clint, is hot, helpful and sexy. (Okay I also have to add, loveable and totally lickable.)

What I would like to hear from you readers is ... What make a romantic hero special to you? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I've used things I've overheard too. I have a t-shirt a fellow teacher gave me that says, "Careful, or you'll end up in my novel."

  2. I've had baddies that I suddenly adored and needed to redeem

  3. I think the rich bastard should fall into his gold lined swimming pool, and drown. That way - your redeemable character doesn't have to kill him. I eavesdrop too and am always jotting notes into my phone when I hear something good.

  4. I like to use stuff I overhear as well :D It can create some really interesting dialogue and characters!

  5. I adore eavesdropping :) Enjoyed your answers!!!


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