Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Music That Moves Me

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What is my writing process like?
I am a hybrid author. Part plotter, part pantser (as in fly by the seat of my pants.) Usually, I have a germ of an idea sparked by a dream or overheard tidbit of conversation. Characters form in my mind and I begin creating their back stories.  I rough plot out the story and then set the characters loose and follow them where they lead me. Occasionally, one of them becomes difficult and refuses to adhere to my guidelines. If I can't smack them back into place, I set them aside for their own story later. I write in fits and starts, a few words here and there, an hour here and there, then full days on end when inspiration overcomes me and I can't stop the words from flowing. Fits and starts drive me nuts. Flowing words is my nirvana.

Do you listen to music to enhance your writing?
Well, yes and no. I generally write in silence, or at Humpty's restaurant during the breakfast rush. For whatever reason I can tune that noise out, but music distracts me. If I start listening to music, my feet start tapping, my legs get twitchy and before long I am shaking it all over the living room. Don't envision that, it is NOT a pretty sight.

I do find inspiration from music. Lines from a song, old or new can trigger an emotion or scene in my head that gets absconded into my work. I love old rock, sappy love songs, and country music. I won't get into a discussion of the weirdness that lives on  my music player ... frankly it is a total embarrassment ranging from kids songs, to sea shanties, to hard rock.
 What two songs best describe your overall body of work?
I can't think of any. What songs describe total chaos and mental breakdown followed by excitement, exhilaration and completion. (Sexual innuendo not intended.... but my mind went there anyway.)

Check out the work of my writing buddy Victoria Barbour. See where her creative process takes her. Just click on her name to visit her blog. Follow our writing group through the loop and see just how strangely creative we romance writers are.


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