Friday, 7 December 2012

I’m Coming Back: So brace yourself.

I saw a little poster on the internet the other day that made me laugh. Of course now that I need it, I can’t find it. But it basically said I’m going to be busy when I die, haunting the people who piss me off now. This got me thinking and I was lying awake in the middle of the night last night thinking about people I have met that deserve haunting. Keeping in mind that this is mostly tongue in cheek, here goes.

·         High School Biology Teacher: For telling me that you could get STD’s from sitting on the floor naked after 9 at night. I’m still not sure why she was telling this to a room of 16 year old kids.
·         My Uncle: For telling me (when I was 18 and weighed 95 pounds) that I was getting fat and men didn’t like that.
·         For My High School Social Studies Teacher: For giving me endless information on Papua New Guinea but none on Canadian politics or world events.
·         The Asshat that cut me off on my way home from work: Stay in your own lane when you turn a corner.
·         My Darling Daughters: They will get haunted just because I can.
·         My Sisters: Really, what fun is it being dead if you can’t haunt your sisters and pull naughty pranks on them.
·         My Brother and His Wife: They already think I’m evil and going to hell, so why not?
·         The 27 Year Old Young Man Who Asked Me Out: Yup, going to haunt him. Wanna know why? Just because he’s super-hot and way too young for me. If I haunt him and watch him getting changed, that’s not creepy--right? Right?
·         A Bookstore: I would love hanging out in a bookstore all the time and ‘helping’ people select books. Maybe I could float a few books around a bit, or knock them off the shelves. Hmm, the idea definitely has merit.
What about you? Should I come back and haunt you?
Would you enjoy haunting someone? Maybe me? Think of the revenge, the games, the fun and the mischief. 


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